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Jailbreaks are something we have come to expect these days and two of the most respected teams have come through with a utility called PPHelper. The two teams who have provided us with this jailbreak are Pangu and PP Assistant, both of whom are well-recognized. Originally, they were both associated with a Chinese piracy store called 25PP, which would be downloaded alongside a jailbreak. However, they have both worked hard to prove to the jailbreak community that they can be trusted to provide safe and reliable jailbreaks for all to use.

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PPHelper is the latest jailbreak available for public use and is a fully tested and safe jailbreak. It was said to have been a fake version of another jailbreak but testing proved that not to be the case. Before you go ahead and download it though, you need to be aware that it will only work on 64-bit devices; as these are the majority of active iOS devices now and older ones are gradually being phased out, it is unlikely that PPHelper will be updated to support the 32-bit devices. Also, PPHelper is a semi-untethered jailbreak that requires you to reinstall it whenever you reboot your device.

Thanks to Luca Todesco, who has worked with both Pangu and PP Assistant on this, a new tool is now available that can reactivate PPHelper jailbreak automatically when you reboot. It is based on JailbreakMe and you can find the instructions for use and download links at the provided link when you have downloaded and installed PPHelper.

How to Download and Install PPHelper :

PPHelper jailbreak is available in the English and Chinese languages and will work on both Mac and Windows operating systems. The links below take you to full step by step instructions on how to install the jailbreak on your device including the download links. Make sure you only use the version that relates to your device on your operating system:

Other Useful Links :

As and when PPHelper is updated, we will provide you with new instructions and download links but, to get those links you will need to follow us on Facebook and Subscribe to our free email newsletter.

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  1. Hi guys. First off, thanks for working hard for the masses.

    Second, I don’t quite get it if it works for 10.2. I still have 8.1 and I can only put now 10.2 but don’t want to without being sure.


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