PPHelper being the latest jailbreak available for the public to use, we thought we should take a look at some of the problems that have been experienced by users and give you some help in getting around them. Following are the common PPHelper issues that users are facing and possible solution to those issues using easy fixes.

Image : PPHelper Errors Download

  1. iPad Pro and iPod Touch – No Cydia Installed After Reboot

Some iPad Pro and iPod Touch 6G users have reported that, when they click on the Jailbreak button in the PPHelper app, their device will reboot as it should but Cydia is not installed. Unfortunately, there is little you can do with this as Pangu have advised us that PPHelper does not work properly with either of these devices , they are working on a solution though.

  1. PPHelper Will Not Install

Shortly after PPHelper was released, Apple made a few changes to the backend and these, added to the sheer level of traffic on the PP servers, are stopping some users from installing the jailbreak on their devices. Pangu is working on this but one way that you can try and get around this is to use the PPHelper tool to install the jailbreak onto your device without using a computer. You can find our guide on how to do this at the given link.

  1. Apple ID Errors

When you install the jailbreak directly onto your iOS device, you need to provide an Apple ID so that the app can be signed for side loading. If you get an error when you input your Apple credentials, you need to temporarily disable two-step authentication. To do this, open Settings > iCloud and tap on your Apple ID. Tap on Password and Security and then disable two-step authentication

  1. Location Services Won’t Work After the Jailbreak

A lot of users have had this problem after installing PPHelper. The solution we can offer you is to reset all your settings. Open Settings>General>Reset>Reset all Settings – you will need to input all your Wifi details again afterwards. If this doesn’t fix the problem, some users have found that going into Cydia and installing LibLocation helps to fix the problem.

  1. Cydia Won’t Open After Re-Jailbreaking

PPHelper is a semi-tethered jailbreak and this means that, when you reboot your device you have to reinstall the jailbreak. If you find that Cydia keeps crashing, you have little option but to restore your device and start again. Unless you are using Cydia Eraser, this means you will not be able to jailbreak again because your device will restore to the latest iOS version.

  1. PP Jailbreak Will Not Launch on PC

If the PP app will not open on your computer, simply wipe it off and download it again. On occasion, heavy traffic or a minute interruption in your internet signal may result in some files not being fully downloaded.

Image : PPHelper Problem on Windows PC

These are some of the more pressing problems that jailbreakers are facing; hopefully the solutions will help you to fix the problem you are having. If they don’t, unfortunately, you will have little choice but to wait for the next iPhone jailbreak to be released.

Are you having any of these problems and did the solutions work for you ? For more news on the next iOS jailbreak, follow us on Facebook and Subscribe to our free email newsletter.




  1. Hi there,

    I download the PPHELPER and after install as write in the HowTo it opens. But when I connect my iphone it download ~160MB of Data an begin to install something. But then it stops and in the Update-Window are some chinese letters and the only word that I can read in green font is: “…bonjour64bit.msi” and nothing happens.

    Any help?!?

    Have an iphone 6 with iOS 10.2

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