How to Use PPHelper

The latest jailbreak is called PPHelper and it was released jointly by PP Assistant and Pangu jailbreak teams. Don’t rush to download it though unless you have a 64 bit iOS device because it will not work on any of the existing 32 bit devices. Also, you need to know up front that it is a semi-untethered jailbreak and that means having to reactivate it every time you reboot your device. To make life easier for you though, a new tool has been released by Luca Todesco that will reactivate PPHelper automatically for you and you can find the instructions on how to use it at the given link. First though, let’s look at how to install PPHelper.

Image : How to Use PPHelper

Before you Jailbreak :

Before installing PPHelper jailbreak on your device you should do the following things to make sure the jailbreak runs smoothly.

  1. Update iTunes if you have not already done so 
  2. Back up the data on your device using iCloud and iTunes 
  3. Disable these services on your device [ passcode, Touch ID, and Find my iPhone | iPad ]. These can be enabled again afterwards 

How to Install PPHelper Jailbreak :

  1. Download PPHelper jailbreak on your PC
  2. Connect your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch to your computer
  3. Right click the PPHelper icon on your desktop and select Run as Administrator to install the jailbreak onto your computer 
  4. Wait for PPHelper to recognize your iOS device 
  5. Click on the Jailbreak button on your screen
  6. Type in the Captcha code if you are asked to
  7. Wait for PPHelper to prepared for the jailbreak 
  8. When the preparation has been done, you need to allow permission for a profile to be installed on your device , Do Not ignore this step otherwise the jailbreak will not be installed
  9. Open Settings > Security > Profile on your iOS device and find PPHelper , click on Trust
  10. Tap the PPHelper icon on your home screen and allow Push Notifications  
  11. Make sure you uncheck the box beside Install PP Assistant  
  12. Click on the Jailbreak button
  13. Lock your device screen , a Pangu notification will show up on it 
  14. Ignore the Storage is Full message
  15. When the jailbreak is complete, your device will reboot
  16. To check all was installed properly, tap on PPHelper on your home screen[ if it hasn’t worked you will need to run through these steps again ].

Other Useful Links :

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  1. Hi, when I connect my iOS device, its does come up with the Pop-Up box asking me to “Jailbreak” -- and all worked as explained. Love you PPHelper Team.

  2. I need your help Pangu-Team. When I try to install PP Helper on to my phone, it says “ApplicationVerificationFail”. What should I do?

  3. I am a bit confused.
    Does it works with Mac or only on a Pc cause thats whats your writhing -- connect to your pc ? Not mac.
    Does i jailbreak iOS 10.0.3 ?
    What is the diff. Yalu JB compared pphelper ?

  4. Please help!
    The jailbreak window isn’t coming phone is succesfully connected and I can see on the pp screen (on my computer ,windows) that its connected because all its data and battery procent stuff is there. But the little window with the green button to Jailbreak isnt popping up when i open up PP 5.0. Please help me! I’m very desperate to jailbreak my phone.

  5. i cannot seem to finish the process..i installed the PPhelper on my ios device and i dont get the same notifications as your tutorial. it installes the app then does not give option to jailbreak

  6. Im on ios 9.3.5. Downloaded and installed the pphelper. the green button for jailbreak didnt pop out.. waited and still i cant read any. pls help. thx

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