Despite their best efforts every year, Apple has not managed to stop jailbreaking yet. Teams like Pangu, Taig and PP Assistant will continue to do their very best by us and provide us with jailbreaks for as long as they can and will not give up, despite Apple throwing every obstacle they can in the way. PPHelper is the latest jailbreak utility for use and, like all the others that came before it, it is compatible with the Mac. PPHelper was released jointly by PP Assistant and Pangu, two teams who had a rough start when their names were associated with Chinese prate app stores. However, they have moved on from that and are now two of the most respected jailbreak teams we have.

Image : PPHelper Mac Download

When it first came out, PPHelper was only available in the Chinese language and only provided support for Windows. However, subsequent updates have changed that and now Mac users can enjoy the jailbreak as well, without having to install various other bits for software first. There are two small downsides to the jailbreak though; first, it doesn’t work on 32-bit devices, only on the newer 64-bit devices and that is not going to change. Second, it is a semi-untethered jailbreak and that means having to reinstall it whenever your device is rebooted, along with all your Cydia apps and tweaks.

Installing PPHelper on Mac OS :

The download links for PPHelper n the Mac can be found below and you can find full step by step instructions on how to Install PPHelper on your iOS device using your Mac and the PPHelper tool. Once you have successfully installed PPHelper on your iPhone iPad or iPod Touch, you would be advised to download the latest utility to come from Luca Todesco. It is a tool based on JailbreakMe that will reactivate the PPHelper jailbreak for you when you reboot your device, instead of you having to do it manually. Download links and full instructions for use can be found at the provided link.

PPHelper Mac Download Links :

  • PPHelper – Mac OSX 64 Bit Installer [ link ]
  • PPHelper –  Mac OSX 32 Bit Installer [ not available ]

Other Useful Links :

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