The fact that it can be jailbroken is one of the reasons why many users opt for an iOS device. The simple reason is, jailbreaking provides a lot of features and functionality that can’t be got anywhere else and, although Apple does its best to stop jailbreaking at every turn, they haven’t yet been successful. To date, nearly every major iOS release has been jailbroken at least once and these jailbreaks are getting better and better.

Image : PPHelper Download for Windows PC

The latest utility for public use is PPHelper. Released for iOS 9.2 and above , PPHelper is a joint effort from two of the biggest jailbreak teams , Pangu and PP Assistant. Both names started off with a black mark over their heads, being associated with Chinese piracy but they have both gone on to prove that they are trustworthy teams who work for the benefit of the jailbreakers around the world.

Image : PPHelper

PPHelper isn’t quite the jailbreak we have become used to in recent times though; for a start, it will only work on the 64 bit iOS devices, so anyone who still uses an older 32 bit device will not be able to use the jailbreak this time. Originally released only in Chinese, it has been updated to provide an English language version and has also been updated to provide support for the Mac as well as Windows. However, it is a semi-tethered jailbreak which means that, whenever you reboot your device, you must reinstall the jailbreak and that means losing everything you already downloaded from Cydia.

How to Download and Install PPHelper :

You can find the download links for PPHelper for Windows below and instructions on How to Install PPHelper to your device can be found at the given link. For those already using it, Italian hacker and iOS developer Luca Todesco has released a new tool. Based around the original JailbreakMe tool, it will automatically reactivate the jailbreak for you when you reboot your iOS device. This saves you the hassle of having to reinstall the jailbreak every time and all your tweaks and apps from Cydia. Instructions can be found at the given link.

PPHelper for Windows :

  • PPHelper – WIN 64 Bit Installer [ link ]
  • PPHelper –  WIN 32 Bit Installer [ not available ]

Other Useful Links :

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  1. Thank you Team PP for this awesome PPHelper tool, Finally i was able to download it and jailbreak my iOS device without any issue. You guys are awesome. Cheers !!!

    1. HI , some devices are not supported now. We are working to fix this and will come up with a new and more stable PPHelper tool for you guys. In the mean time , Subscribe to our email

  2. Wow. PPHelper Team , you are the best. Fast downloads. Was looking for a reliable download for days now. Downloaded entire file in few seconds.

  3. Hey PP team, I downloaded PPHelper on my windows 10 64 bit, download goes well until this , it stops here and I waited for 2 hours but nothing… PPHelper

      1. may this can help. do the clean uninstallation for itunes (iTunes,Apple Software Update, Apple Mobile Device Support, Bonjour, Apple Application Support 32-bit, Apple Application Support 64-bit). after that run the pphelper app again. this worked for me.

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